Using of the L-Arginine and Co-Enzyme Q10 Shows Improvement of the Male Subfertility

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Mazin A Hasoon


Background: Infertility remains both prevalent and problematic among couples worldwide, where abnormal semen quality or sexual dysfunction are contributing factors in about half of subfertile couples. Oxidative stress has been a well-studied etiology of abnormal semen parameters. Reduced fertilizing capacity is related to raised concentrations of reactive oxygen species in semen, which may damage the cell membrane. Multiple over-the-counter therapies have been historically used for male fertility like (Coenzyme- Q10, and Arginine).
Objectives of study: To determine the role of some of the antioxidants in the improvement of the semen parameters in a subfertile male, improvement by (coenzyme, q10 l-arginine) therapy.
Method: An experimental interventional non-randomized clinical trials study for exploring the male sub-fertility improvement by (L-arginine and Co-enzyme-Q10) therapies- in Al Nasiriyah City in 2019. Sample size The study contained three groups. Each group contains eight included responders. Male-patient responders who were diagnosed to have unexplained sub-fertility by a specialist gynecologist and urologist after excluding all organic causes of the subfertility, SPSS version 24 had been used for data analysis, paired t-test, correlation regression analysis had been used, where p-value less than 0.005 considered as significant.
Result: A total of 24 patients with infertility, their mean age was 32 + –6.52 years, had been recruited within the study, with a very high significant statistical difference (p value less than 0.005) between the first and the second occasions of measures and also between the first and the third occasions of measures, regarding volumes, counts, number of active sperms, number of active sperms, number of sluggish sperms, number of non-active sperms and number of abnormal sperms. By correlation regression analysis, there was a significant positive correlation of the independent parameters with the types of management modalities, where crossly examined by correlation regression. It was evident that all parameters except the counts are positively correlated by which p-value less than 0.05.
Conclusion: This study concluded that the administration of Co-Enzyme, L- Arginine, and combination of both show improvement in most of the parameters of the semen. The combination was the first improver of the semen parameter followed by arginine, then the Co-Enzyme only, the volume, sperm morphology, and the activity were the main parameters affected by the multiple strategies of treatment protocols. Adding of the co-Enzyme to the protocol of the L-Arginine as a good semen volume incrementer, activity enhancer, abnormal morphology reducer.

How to cite this article: Hasoon, M.A. (2019). Using of the L-Arginine and Co-Enzyme Q10 Shows Improvement of the Male Subfertility. International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology, 9(4): 544-551.
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