Extraction, and Purification of Peroxidase Enzyme from Peganum harmala Seeds

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Mahmoud Hamid Al-Fahdawi
Albab Fawwaz Al-farras
Hayder Nasser Al-Mentafji


The aim of this study was to extract peroxides enzyme from Peganum harmala seeds; peroxides was extracted by using different extraction buffer solutions, then it was purified by three steps of purification includes precipitation with ammonium sulfate in a saturation ratio of 70 %, ion exchange chromatography through DEAE-Cellulose, and gel filtration chromatography throughout Sephadex G-100, and determine the optimum condition for extraction. This was performed by controlling the type and concentration of buffer, pH of the buffer used, and the ratio of extraction. The Sodium acetate buffer with 0.2mM and pH 5.0 was found to be the best buffer for the extraction of peroxidase. By using the extraction ratio for a plant of 1:3 (W/V), the specific activity was 195 U/mg protein. These three purification steps raised the specific activity to 235U/mg protein in the precipitation step with purification fold 2.3 and enzyme recovery 69%; the specific activity was increased to 243U/mg protein in Ion exchange step with purification fold 2.4 and enzyme recovery 23%, also the specific activity doubled after gel filtration step to 447U/mg protein with purification fold 4.4 and enzyme recovery 15%.

How to cite this article: Al-Fahdawi, M.H., Al-farras, A.F. and Al-Mentafji, H.N. (2019). Extraction, and Purification of Peroxidase Enzyme from Peganum harmala Seeds. International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology, 9(4): 689-692.

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