Correlation between HCV infection and Creatinine level In Thalassemia Patents

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Saif Yassen Hassan
Saif Jabbar Yasir


The current study aimed to fine the relationship between hepatitis C virus (HCV), and kidney impairment in thalassemia patient. This retrospective case-control study include sample size total number 102 patients ranged between 15 years and 30 years were divided into two groups: first, 51patients suffering from kidney impairment - the kidney impairment detected by creatinine level in serum–and second, 51-patient without kidney impairment as a control group. Both group monitored HCV infection. The patient attended to AL-Zahra hospital (Najaf) thalassemia department from January to Aug 2018. Biochemical test use for detection of creatinine, serological test use for detection HCV. The SPSS program version 24 uses for data analysis the results. When observed the results in both groups the percentage of HCV in the first group (with abnormal creatinine level) is higher than in the second group (with normal creatinine level). 32/51 (62, 7%) and 19/51(37, 2%) respectively. A high level of HCV in a group with kidney defect indicates for viral effect on the normal kidney function, kidney defect patient of thalassemia patient has a higher susceptibility to HCV infection.

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