Development of a Novel Method for Quantitative Determination of Indomethacin

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Nehad K. Abed
Ali Rasool M. Albakaa
Dina Saleem M. Ameen
Zainab A. Jabbar
Amany S. Younis


A new green analytical chemistry method using a UV- VIS Spectroscopy is proposed to measure Indomethacin (as cuprous complex); Designate, sophisticated, and proved for determination pure mode of indomethacin, and at dosage forms respective.
The present study was prepared quantitatively of the Indomethacin complex, and the molar ratio between the Cuprous and indomethacin (1:1) is measured by UV-VIS spectroscopy, the maximum absorbance peak of cuprous complex was measured at (319 nm) in wavelength range (190‐900 nm), at range of the concentration (10-60μg.mL-1) the linear calibration curve was painted and show regression equation (Y = 0.0036X - 0.0054) and correlation Coefficient (R2 = 0.9999).
This study was validated and applied to the estimation of indomethacin in tablets from one company in Iraqi markets, when the wavelength and the analysis conditions were determined, no interference was found. It was concluded that the advanced method was accurate, sensitive, precise, and repeatable.

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