Salmonella typhi and Brucella melitensis prevalence Among Blood Donors Prevalence in Diyala Province

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Raghad Ibrahim
Ansam D. Salman


This study was conducted in Diyala province from1 Nov. 2016 to April 1, 2017) and included (200) blood samples were used serological tests for diagnosis in the laboratories of Baquba General Teaching Hospital, Blood Bank Department for prevalence of infection by bacteria Salmonella typhi and Brucella melitensis among blood donors at the Central Blood Bank. The study showed that the prevalence of Salmonella spp and Brucella in Diyala)69 (% and (31%) respectively.The study also showed that the age group (31-40) is the most susceptible to bacterial infection also the prevalence of salmonella in the city is higher than the village where the incidence of Salmonella in the city (73.33%) and in the village (26.67%) . The proportion of infection with Brucella melitensis in the city (69%) and in the village (30%).

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